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Writing Has No Age Limit

The old saying, “It’s never too late,” holds quite a bit of merit to this week’s show. Writing in any shape or fashion does not require a certain age to warrant value. It doesn’t matter at what point in your life that you begin to take writing seriously. Unlike sports, there is not a peak performance age or window for writing to take place, because it doesn’t matter when you start.

Tuesday’s segment, “Write Early, Write Late, Matters Not When, Just Write,” focuses on a particular writer who picked a later point in their life in which to write. Mary Branson has been writing all of her life; it is her profession. Jack Branson is an experienced investigator who has worked for more than 25 years in law enforcement, serving as a Federal Agent for 20 years. Recently, he teamed with his wife of 35+ years to write Murder in Mayberry. Has Jack come into writing “late?” Of course not. Jack is a prime model because he took the initiative to begin writing, although it was “later” in life.

To listen live, visit Atlanta Business Radio X and click on “shows.” On the far right at the very bottom is, “Write Here, Write Now.” Or you can visit our mini-site by clicking here. Listen to previous shows from “Write Here, Write Now.” If you happen to miss a segment, come back in a couple of days and we’ll have it recorded and available on our site. You’ll never have to miss it!

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Live Your Dream

Join Tim Morrison, owner of Write Choice Services, again Tuesday April 19th at 10:00am EST for “Write Here, Write Now,” on Atlanta Business Radio X. Tuesday morning Tim will speak with Greta Jaeger, Life Coach with “Coaching Your Dreams;” Laura Biering, Coach and Consultant with “True Voices;” and Stan Gay, sports agent and owner of the Atlanta Chiefs semi-pro football team.

Each one will share their ideas and their dreams of writing a book. For each of these guests, “someday” has arrived or lingers close at hand. Laura has written one book and is immersed in a second one. Greta has created a rough overview of the book she has always wanted to write and has the initial draft of the introduction. Stan has worked on identifying his topic and his audience and the message he wants to share when he begins to write. Three entrepreneurs share their hopes, dreams, plans and maybe even some of their anxieties as they stand at the initial stages of writing a book.

Remember, each segment will be on the Write Here, Write Now mini page for you to listen to if you miss it. Every Tuesday morning, tune in at 10:00am EST to listen to business professionals speak about their ambitions, dreams, and goals of writing a book!

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Tune in!

Beginning tomorrow morning, Tuesday April 12th at 10:00am Eastern time, Tim Morrison, owner and president of Write Choice Services, Inc., will be heard live on Atlanta Business Radio X. Tune in at www.businessradiox.com every Tuesday, starting tomorrow, for Tim’s segment “Write Here, Write Now.”

Each show is broadcast live as well as recorded. So, in case you miss it, each show will be on an MP3 file accessible within 36-48 hours after airing on the Business Radio X website under “Write Here, Write Now.”

Tim will host this weekly, internet radio show to interview business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals about their work and the book or books they have written, the process of writing their book, or their intentions of writing a book someday.

Tomorrow’s show will feature Mike Pniewski, author of “When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw ‘em Back.” Mike is also a highly successful actor, and has had roles in television shows and Hollywood films.

Please tune in tomorrow morning at 10:00am Eastern time for the very first segment of “Write Here, Write Now!” If you’re looking for your “someday” to write and publish a book, then this is it!

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Your Write Resource FREE Webinar

Learn how to take your ideas and manifest them into a book!

At Your Write Resource, sign up for a FREE webinar, scheduled for TODAY February 8th at 8:00PM EST to hear tips from professional authors on how to write your book, or possibly turn your book into a business.

I’ve always wanted to walk into a bookstore and see my name on the cover of one of the national bestsellers. My plan is to record my dad telling stories from his basketball-playing days in high school, and turning those stories into a creative non-fiction memoir. I’m listening to this webinar in hopes of motivating myself with creativity, and gaining useful information on how to take my ideas and put them on paper. Perhaps one day, those ideas will be on a bookshelf, authored by me.

Click Your Write Resource, follow the tab “Learn More” and click “Free Introductory Webinar.” All you have to do is submit your email address. Simple! I’m signed up, are you?

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