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Live Your Dream

Join Tim Morrison, owner of Write Choice Services, again Tuesday April 19th at 10:00am EST for “Write Here, Write Now,” on Atlanta Business Radio X. Tuesday morning Tim will speak with Greta Jaeger, Life Coach with “Coaching Your Dreams;” Laura Biering, Coach and Consultant with “True Voices;” and Stan Gay, sports agent and owner of the Atlanta Chiefs semi-pro football team.

Each one will share their ideas and their dreams of writing a book. For each of these guests, “someday” has arrived or lingers close at hand. Laura has written one book and is immersed in a second one. Greta has created a rough overview of the book she has always wanted to write and has the initial draft of the introduction. Stan has worked on identifying his topic and his audience and the message he wants to share when he begins to write. Three entrepreneurs share their hopes, dreams, plans and maybe even some of their anxieties as they stand at the initial stages of writing a book.

Remember, each segment will be on the Write Here, Write Now mini page for you to listen to if you miss it. Every Tuesday morning, tune in at 10:00am EST to listen to business professionals speak about their ambitions, dreams, and goals of writing a book!

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