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Writing Has No Age Limit

The old saying, “It’s never too late,” holds quite a bit of merit to this week’s show. Writing in any shape or fashion does not require a certain age to warrant value. It doesn’t matter at what point in your life that you begin to take writing seriously. Unlike sports, there is not a peak performance age or window for writing to take place, because it doesn’t matter when you start.

Tuesday’s segment, “Write Early, Write Late, Matters Not When, Just Write,” focuses on a particular writer who picked a later point in their life in which to write. Mary Branson has been writing all of her life; it is her profession. Jack Branson is an experienced investigator who has worked for more than 25 years in law enforcement, serving as a Federal Agent for 20 years. Recently, he teamed with his wife of 35+ years to write Murder in Mayberry. Has Jack come into writing “late?” Of course not. Jack is a prime model because he took the initiative to begin writing, although it was “later” in life.

To listen live, visit Atlanta Business Radio X and click on “shows.” On the far right at the very bottom is, “Write Here, Write Now.” Or you can visit our mini-site by clicking here. Listen to previous shows from “Write Here, Write Now.” If you happen to miss a segment, come back in a couple of days and we’ll have it recorded and available on our site. You’ll never have to miss it!

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