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Your Write Resource FREE Webinar

Learn how to take your ideas and manifest them into a book!

At Your Write Resource, sign up for a FREE webinar, scheduled for TODAY February 8th at 8:00PM EST to hear tips from professional authors on how to write your book, or possibly turn your book into a business.

I’ve always wanted to walk into a bookstore and see my name on the cover of one of the national bestsellers. My plan is to record my dad telling stories from his basketball-playing days in high school, and turning those stories into a creative non-fiction memoir. I’m listening to this webinar in hopes of motivating myself with creativity, and gaining useful information on how to take my ideas and put them on paper. Perhaps one day, those ideas will be on a bookshelf, authored by me.

Click Your Write Resource, follow the tab “Learn More” and click “Free Introductory Webinar.” All you have to do is submit your email address. Simple! I’m signed up, are you?

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