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June 2016

How are you different - II?

From the Pen of Dr. Tim Morrison, President and Writing Coach of Write Choice Services, Inc.

When I first began marketing Write Choice Services, I shared a scenario most people could relate to:  Recall that time – perhaps during coffee hour where you worship, a social gathering somewhere or a networking event.  You shared a story about your work or an adventure. Someone in the group remarked, “You ought to write a book!” Most likely you replied, “I think I will someday.”  Well, Write Choice Services is your ‘someday.’ We help you write that book.

I liked the image – clear, crisp.  We all have been in such a setting. I got some traction with the image. I even got some clients but not nearly enough and not nearly enough inquiries to even close the deal.

It took a while but I finally realized a huge gap existed between telling a story that grabbed the attention of friends, family and colleagues and writing a book!  Perhaps that was the only story the individual could tell that held attention. Coming up with enough to generate a book would seem insurmountable, even with help. Then would come the time and cost factor. I needed to change my approach.


I can’t remember which came first: developing a tag line for Write Here, Write Now, a podcast I hosted for two years with Business Radio X – Atlanta or the new networking line. We opened each podcast with “On Write Here, Write Now we interview business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals about the book they’ve written or intend to write someday.” In networking settings or in marketing opportunities, I share “Write Choice Services focuses on helping business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals write the book they have always dreamed of writing in order to share their unique perspective on their work, career, profession.”

That tag line describes a definable target market that understands the value of being an author and an authority in one’s field. That target market can and will find the time and the money to make it happen. We talk. We negotiate. We close the deal and begin the writing journey – committed client and Write Choice Services.

I did like my “someday” story. It was fun to tell. People understood it but it didn’t generate clients. I had to generate a better image that demonstrates how WCS differs from others who offer a similar service. It worked and continues to work.

I turned to the photographer I alluded to in May’s column to be the guest columnist this month. I asked Tony Fiorda to share his journey to his tag line of “Not your average headshot.” I like the story. I hope my words and Tony’s words move you to think about what makes you different and how you express that difference.

Give Write Choice Services a call – 678 464 6702 or send an email and let’s talk about making that difference into a book, setting you apart even more from your competition.

Not Your Average Headshot
by Tony Fiorda

Web and art directors working in centralized departments usually have specific requirements for a picture they need.  A while back as I spoke with an art director, she expressed that she didn’t need or want “your average headshot.”  She listed specifications:

  • Three - quarter and full-length shots;
  • Some action style shots as if the person was speaking in front of a crowd;
  • One with a specific background to match other shots they had.  
I smiled and nodded. This conversation helped me realize I don’t take your average headshot. 

When I meet with a client, I do discuss the clichéd questions of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How for the images my clients want. Only through this give and take conversation can I truly understand my clients’ requirements, as well as what I will need to do to meet them. Clients have told me I wasn’t the least expensive photographer they’d contacted but because I took the time in my telephone consultation to get clear answers to detailed questions, I won the contract.

Let me share a few tips for you when you are in front of the camera and you want ‘not your average headshot.’
  • Be natural. Whether you are going to a studio or having the images shot at your location, don’t do anything that isn’t natural for you. 
  • Feel comfortable. If you are not comfortable ‘striking a pose,’ don’t.  This pressure will make you feel self-conscious.  It will show on your face as well as your body and will therefore be in the photo. 
  • Work your assets. We all have physical attributes that we like about ourselves  It may be a smile, a chiseled chin, or your hair.  It’s easy to forget about our best sides when we get in front of the camera. Just remember to let your positive attributes shine when you get in front of that camera!
  • Try to relax and enjoy the experience. If you feel trapped into creating a photo, it always shows in the final image. Try to make a funny face on a few of the images to loosen up both you and the photographer. Remember with digital, we are no longer “wasting film” and a crazy photo or two is of no concern. From that aspect alone, there is no reason NOT to have fun in front of the camera.
People get great photos not only because they are photogenic; but also because they practice these techniques, either consciously or subconsciously. Doing so allows the photographer to capture a ‘not your average headshot!’ The clients’ headshots will stand out in a most positive way.

That makes it easy for me to not just take pictures, but to create images!


Tony Fiorda is a commercial photographer who began creating images in the late 1970’s specializing in travel photography. Today he is dedicated to creating images for small to medium size businesses or single entrepreneurs.


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