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Write Choice Services: Writing Thats Fits Your Needs

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Your Unique Business Card® provides companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals with a process to generate a quality book in a short amount of time. The idea behind any book is to write about what you know, to share your knowledge with others and to leverage that knowledge into demonstrating you and/or your company is an authority. The book’s dimensions – 5 ½ x 5 ½ - necessitates a word limit of 8,750 words, which, depending on the layout of the book, produces a book of 80 – 108 pages. A Your Unique Business Card® book looks and feels like a standard soft cover book, presents solid information but has a much quicker turnaround time than a standard 150 – 200-page book as well as a much lower price.

Being the author of a book brings an added level of credibility. You are seen as an authority. Though your book may be small and have only 8,750 words, you fill it with solid, serious, significant information. Show that you know your “stuff!”

Your Unique Business Card® book can be used as a business card. Use it to introduce yourself when you arrive for an appointment. Leave it behind after a meeting or interview. Hand it out at networking gatherings. Of course, you autograph it before giving it to anyone. Consider the impact.

Imagine your customers and clients saying to their family and friends, “My banker/insurance agent/auto mechanic/jeweler/financial adviser/massage therapist (put your profession here) has written a book, has yours?”

Cost of production for Your Unique Business Card® is definitely a benefit. From start to finish, holding copies of your book in your hands is comparable to that of a full color tri-fold brochure but carries much greater impact.

Use Your Unique Business Card® as a business card or a giveaway. Send copies to all those on your mailing list. Have copies available at customer service or check-out counters or with the receptionist. Have that person give copies to any who ask for one. Sign them (as in autograph the book) in advance of making them available or be ready so sign copies when people ask for copies. You may be surprised some may ask to buy a copy, think of the goodwill established when they learn the book is free.

You – the client – write the content. Write Choice Services edits your material as you write to help you identify strong areas, weak areas, sharpen your writing skill and make the Your Unique Business Card® a quality book.

When the writing piece is nearing completion, our colleague at Connect4Leverage assists you in creating an eye-catching cover design and layout. Connect4Leverage can also provide insights on marketing the book.

Write Choice Services and Connect4Leverage bring Your Unique Business Card® to production/printing ready. We can work with a printing company on your behalf or you can take your manuscript and approach a printer of your own choosing.

A Baker’s Dozen Ways to Create Your Unique Business Card®

  1. Blogs – have you written blogs? Does your company have a series of blogs? Choose 15 to make into a book. Have them address a similar theme. Or choose 3 or 4 blogs that discuss one arm of your business. Select 3 or 5 or more blogs that address a different aspect or product of the company.
  2. Newsletters – Does your company have a regularly published or distributed newsletter? Take articles from various editions of the newsletter – as discussed about blogs above – to generate the material needed for a Your Unique Business Card®.
  3. Mission Statement or Value Statement – Share the statement. Discuss how it came to be. Share how it is followed and/or implemented. Write about how the statement impacts the business and corporate behavior.
  4. Company history – How did the company come into existence? Why was it started? Why does it continue to exist? How is it poised to help clients/customers grow?
  5. Lists – What are 5, 7, 10 . . . things people should know about . . . and what are 3, 5, 9, 12 things people don’t know about your company/business/expertise and should.
  6. Lists – Check out recent Reader’s Digest and look for articles similar to What your _____ won’t tell you but we will . . . In the blank put a profession (doctor, building inspector, wait person, mechanic, etc.). Then tell . . .
  7. Create – generate an outline of topics, findings, themes which could be fleshed out and used as the content for Your Unique Business Card®.
  8. Management, department leads – Have the senior management, middle management, team leads write articles on their responsibilities or department responsibilities, their perspective on the company.
  9. Problems – Describe the challenges, the problems the company consistently beats the competition in. Describe “the better mousetrap” that you have made.
  10. Case histories – Describe actual incidences the company has addressed and how the company addressed them, learned from them and grew stronger.
  11. Customer stories – Interview customers about their experiences and why they ultimately turned to your company for solving the “problem.” Record them. Have the interviews transcribed. Let Write Choice Services edit them into a book.
  12. Q and A – Collect answers from colleagues, clients, customers, employees to a question on a specific theme and make a book out of the answers. (Some ideas: Holiday memories – favorite food, who made it, what feelings does that food trigger, best childhood memory. You could do this about any holiday and send the Your Unique Business Card® out as a season’s greeting, or Happy 4 th of July reminder, or to celebrate an odd holiday like December 16th’s Chocolate Covered Anything Day . . .)
  13. Topic for networking – “I’m working on a book and collecting answers to the question: ‘xyz.’ Would you like to contribute an answer to be considered for my book?” This serves the dual purpose of giving you a memorable reason to follow up with your new contact, as well as gathering interesting quotes for Your Unique Business Card® book.