Write Choice Services

“Dr. Tim Morrison is an excellent writer/editor, he is an extremely talented writing coach whose counseling credentials and experience enable him to inspire his clients to achieve their very best.

I am proud of my association with Tim and am confident that writers at all levels will continue to benefit from choosing Write-Choice Services to help develop their projects.”
- Janet Litherland

Your Voice. Your Story. We Listen First.
Whether it’s the book inside of you or the dynamic resume that will help get you an interview . . .
We help you find the words: clearly,
concisely and in your own personal style.
Write Choice Services: Writing Thats Fits Your Needs

You tell us what your writing project is and we‘ll ask the questions to get a clear understanding of the nature of your writing needs — what your focus is and what you seek to achieve.

We are here to help you:

  • Write the book you've hungered to write
  • Generate a top notch resume to market your skills and experience
  • Create a Your Unique Business Card® for your business

Whatever your needs, we listen first and then begin creating the written possibilities.