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"This book would never have become a reality without the fine hand of Tim Morrison of Write-Choice Services, who helped edit and organize this manuscript to become something worthwhile to publish.

His unending patience, constant prodding, keen insight, honesty and downright frankness, never let me settle for a lesser book."
- Evelyn K. Blasi

Success Stories

If you are like the vast majority of people, you have a book “inside” you. A good book. But the thought of writing a book is overwhelming! How do I start? Where do I start? What goes into a book? How do I know if there is a market for my book?

What if someone walked with you through the process – step by step? What if you could get someone who would hold you accountable and help you get your “someday” book completed and you could actually hold a copy in your hand? What if you could work with someone who could answer your questions as you write your book, someone who has been where you are now and has had the joy of holding a first book (and a second and a third and a fourth) in his hands? Someone who knows the challenges, the worries, the frustrations and the joys of writing? And what if that someone could help you get your book written in a few months or even a matter of weeks?

Would you like someone like this to coach you so you can hold your first book in your hand? Someone whose work with you will save you time and money through the process . . . so that you hold your book in your hand?

Write Choice Services provides those people to help you. Here are stories of folks just like you who hungered to write a book. Each one began with certain anxieties and questions even doubts about their abilities. Each one turned to Write Choice Services for a writing coach. How soon can we add your success story to these?


From the Cockpit: Coming of Age in the Korean War

From the Cockpit: Coming of Age in the Korean War is the memoir of Tex Atkinson, Commander, US Navy (ret.). Atkinson came to Write Choice Services seeking an editor for his completed manuscript, and Janet Litherland accepted the challenge. Atkinson’s memoir was first published as a soft-cover. John M. Hardy Publishing (The Bridges of Madison County) then took it over and published a hardcover version. Said Commander Atkinson of Write Choice Services’ work: “(You) picked my jumbled manuscript off the ground and made it fly like an eagle!”

Little Lady, Big Dream

In the fall of 2006, Debbie Griffiths contacted Write Choice Services for help. She wanted to write about her life not so much as a record for her family but as encouragement for women entrepreneurs. A question that emerged in conversations with Debbie was whether she had just one book or several books “inside of her.” On the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving, 2006, Debbie and Write Choice Services sent nearly simultaneous emails containing essentially the same idea. Debbie should focus on one book – her journey from high school student to extremely successful business woman. Debbie then began her writing. In mid-March 2007, Debbie contacted Write Choice Services again. Would we look at her manuscript?  Something just did not feel right to Debbie. Tim read through several chapters and emailed Debbie, “Your own voice seems to have disappeared from your writing.” Tim made a couple of suggestions; Debbie made some changes and then had Tim work with her through the rest of her manuscript. Debbie chose to self publish Little Lady, Big Dream. She invested herself in marketing strategies, sold all of her copies and approached a mid-size publishing company. Tate Publishing accepted Debbie’s book and took it nationwide. For more information on Debbie, visit www.littleladybigdream.com.

Personal Memoir

For a Christmas present one year, Jerry Litherland, husband of the founder of Write Choice Services, wrote an extended letter to their two sons in which he reflected on his career and his beliefs. After Christmas, Jerry decided to expand that letter into a booklet. Both Janet and Tim worked with Jerry to help him create a well-written, personable memoir.

“Charlie” Brown’s Vietnam Journal: A Tactical Airlift Pilot’s View of the War

Garnett C. Brown, Jr., kept a daily record of his work, thoughts, and feelings while serving in Vietnam. That record became the basis of his book, “Charlie” Brown’s Vietnam Journal: A Tactical Airlift Pilot’s View of the War. He describes it as “an account of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.” Colonel Brown’s tours of duty include the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the U.S. Arms Control & Disarmament Agency, and the Institute for Higher Defense Studies where he served as Director. Write Choice Services is proud to have edited his manuscript and guided it to publication.


Information/Business Related

Divorce Guide

Evy Blasi is a state certified mediator who specializes in working with couples considering divorce. Evy’s now ex-husband was an attorney. He filed for divorce. Evy retained an attorney to guide her and protect her in the ensuing divorce process. Evy decided to write a booklet about her experience and to provide “how to” information and “heads up” advice for others, particularly women, who face divorce and feel overwhelmed. Tim Morrison worked with Evy in editing her work.  Tim had also gone through a divorce back in the late ‘80’s. Tim describes his biggest challenge in working with Evy on her manuscript was getting Evy to rein in her emotions just a bit. Evy did and produced a masterful booklet chock full of exceedingly helpful information.

Healing Plants of the Bible

Janet Litherland edited Tim’s manuscript Healing Plants of the Bible. This was Tim’s first successful adventure in getting published. Janet encouraged him through all the phases of writing and editing. She questioned him about placement of some information. Appendices were added and expanded upon Janet’s suggestion and recommendations. Ten years after it publication, Healing Plants of the Bible continues to generate steady sales.


France Chronicles

Chris Smith of Chris Smith Ministries chronicled her summer 2008 trip to France taken to visit friends and missionaries, and to share her faith with others. In reading Chris’s manuscript, Tim encouraged Chris to expand upon the “you are there” elements of her writing – give more detail to people, places and locations. Then he drew upon his own understanding of various faith traditions as he encouraged Chris to compare and contrast her own faith experience with the faith experiences of those with whom she interacted on her journey. Chris’s fluency in French combined with her amazing musical abilities add a unique dimension to her personal story. For more information on Chris, visit www.chrissmithminisries.com.

Stop, Look, and Listen

Joe Colavito came with ideas for five different books and saw them as being adult parables within a series. Our initial coaching with Joe helped him attain greater clarity on each of his potential books. As Joe wrote, we kept a keen eye on continuity and clarity – was the story line plausible and did all the action and characters flow smoothly? For more information on Joe, visit www.joecolavito.com.

Children's Stories

Nine Children's Stories

Many mistakenly think because children’s stories are short, they are easy to write. Because they are short and have strict vocabulary limitations, children’s stories require a lot of work!

An individual came to Write Choice Services with nine children’s stories in hand. He had told them time and again to his grandchildren. After much prodding from his daughter and grandchildren, he finally wrote out the stories. The first question we asked was what age range he had in mind. His grandchildren covered a wide range of ages so the vocabulary in the stories had to be adjusted for a particular age. The setting for the stories was a small town – except in story six when somehow the main character’s house was now situated in a rural setting outside of town – same house, same family. That story had to be rewritten.



Tim Morrison and Keith Weiland were seminary classmates and have been friends and colleagues for decades. In the summer of 2008, Keith went on sabbatical. He wanted to learn more about beekeeping as practiced in long-established British and Scottish monasteries. He also was determined that he would not write a book. Soon into his sabbatical, Keith began writing poetry around scripture and beekeeping. Through the wonder and convenience of emails from the monasteries in England and Scotland, Tim coached Keith in his writing and made suggestions on content and concept. When Keith’s sabbatical ended and he returned to his part- time parish work and part-time beekeeping/honey business, Keith self-published Bee-ology.