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Write Choice Services: Writing Thats Fits Your Needs
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"Helped Me Achieve My Writing Dream!"

In just five months my editor and mentor, Tim Morrison, helped me to achieve my writing dream! Not only did Tim coach me, but he also challenged me and made writing fun. His ability to help me establish the perfect outline gave me the confidence as well as the tenacity to make it happen.

Today I am the published author of Little Lady, BIG DREAM, and I know Tim’s contributions and his encouragement during my moments of uncertainty were essential in bringing my book to fruition. Tim truly has a gift for writing and editing. What’s more he has an extraordinary gift for assisting beginning writers, like me, to find focus. He took pride in my project and made sure my passion and my voice were felt and heard throughout my story.

I’m so proud of the finished project, thanks to Tim. Let me also give accolades to the book cover designer: Joel Morrison who is Tim’s older son. Through several phone conversations and a review of my cover synopsis and table of contents, Joel designed the outstanding book cover. What an amazing father-son team!
- Debbie Griffiths

Writing coach

Our clients individuals come from a variety of occupations, professions and stations in life. Some write to help establish themselves as an authority in their field. People write books to share their unique perspective on their work. Maybe you are one of the many who want to leave a unique legacy for your family or your company. You write your history or the company’s history. Write Choice Services works with you to provide simple processes that help you identify your best writing topic. Then we custom tailor a writing program to best fit your writing and creative styles. We coach you along the way until your book is written. We prefer to coach clients; however, we are open to ghost writing as well. Learn more about the variety of book writing services we provide.

Web content

Does your web site really say what you think it says? You become so familiar with the content that you see and hear what you want it to say and not what actually might be there. Let Write Choice Services audit your web pages for content and message, sometimes referred to as “voice.” We will tell you what we find. If it aligns with your purpose and intention, we celebrate! If there is a perceived difference between what you think it says and what we see the web contents as presenting, we can offer suggestions for revisions. Write Choice Services will work with you or your company to suggest an individualized approach that meets your web site's needs.

Printed newsletter and/or e-newsletter

Write Choice Services’ goal is to help your company communicate better, faster and more effectively with your current and potential clients. We take the guesswork out of writing, creating, designing and sending out a traditional printed newsletter and/or an e-newsletter on a regular, scheduled basis. Choose the option that best suits your needs: You write the content; we edit and do the layout. You tell us the topics; we write the contents and do the layout. You write some content; we write some content and do the layout. Together we calendar several issues for topics and content. Contact us for the price schedule for the various options.

Technical writing

Technical writing covers a wide range of services. Through the work and expertise of an outstanding and highly qualified technical writer, Write Choice Services provides a vast array of technical writing services.


High level, high quality resumes have been a part of Write Choice Services’ offerings from its beginning in 1995. A Write Choice Services’ resume stands out from among most other resumes. The layout and content present solid information. We create resumes for all industries, occupations and levels. We specialize in creating solid documents for people who want to make a significant career transition. We will also provide personalized cover letters to enhance your career search packet. Click here to learn more about our resume packet.