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Write Choice Services: Writing Thats Fits Your Needs
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"...talented writing coach..."

“It has been my pleasure to release Write-Choice Services, Inc., into the capable hands of Dr. Tim Morrison. I have known Tim for many years. Not only is he an excellent writer/editor, he is an extremely talented writing coach whose counseling credentials and experience enable him to inspire his clients to achieve their very best.

I am proud of my association with Tim and am confident that writers at all levels will continue to benefit from choosing Write-Choice Services to help develop their projects.
- Janet Litherland

We Listen First Then Begin

We want to learn about you first. You are now ready to write the book you’ve hungered to write. You want a top notch resume to market your skills and experience to get your next great job or to make a career change. You seek assistance in generating quality content for a brochure. Maybe you want support in creating a solid newsletter (print or online). You tell us what your writing project is. We will ask questions to get a clear understanding of the nature of your writing project; what is your focus and what you seek to achieve. We listen first and then begin to create possibilities.

Establishing Your Voice

One of our goals is to identify and capture your voice – individual or corporate. Words, vocabulary, sentence structure, phrasing work together to convey an image. In writing, we call that voice. Voice tells a lot about you as a writer or you as an organization, business or company. Recognizing your writing voice and using it as you write your book makes writing a bit easier. Maintaining a consistent voice in company/corporate materials strengthens your image with your clients and the public. We help you find your voice and use it effectively.

Customized to Individual Needs and Finances

Write Choice Services is not a “one size fits all” company because we know that one size fits all actually fits nothing. When we talk projects with you, we get clear on your goals and purposes. We ask about the scopes and timeline you have in mind. How much writing do you want to do yourself? How much writing would you like us to provide? Editing? Coaching? We prepare a written description of the project as we understand it along with a guaranteed price. No surprises. No cost overruns.