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Writing a personal legacy

What do we really know about the people we love? What do we want the people we love to know about us? Wouldn't it be great to give the "inside scoop" into who you are and how you got that way as a gift to your loved ones?

Writing a personal legacy is fast gaining nationwide attention. A personal legacy is also referred to as an “intellectual will” or “faith will.” In a personal legacy, you share your faith convictions and values--but not merely as a list. Rather, you tell of people, events, stories, books, and experiences that helped to shape your beliefs and position on issues important to you. Your personal legacy is as unique as you are--it might be relatively short or turn out to be a 125 page book as did Letters to My Sons: a Father’s Faith Journey written by WCS president and owner Tim Morrison or even 280+ pages as did Write Choice Services’ client Jim Humiston’s The Life Journey of Hummy 2: A Story Grounded in Faith and Integrity While Facing Many Detours Along the Way.

Write-Choice Services, Inc. will work with you to help you identify significant influences and occurrences that have made you into the person you are today. Then, we'll provide guidance in determining the best format for your personal legacy - narrative, a letter or letters, essay, or book.

Contact Write-Choice Services, Inc. and begin work on your personal legacy today!