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November 2015

CPE at my Age and Career

From the Pen of Dr. Tim Morrison, President and Writing Coach of Write Choice Services, Inc.

I’ve gone back to school – sort of. I am engaged in a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education and have two more units to engage in by the end of December 2016. CPE is a special type of practical education, training and clinical work that provides a solid foundation for individuals who want to work as chaplains. Some forty plus years ago when I was in seminary, one unit of CPE was the standard. I took one unit and it has served me well all these years.

Then an opportunity arose for me to accept a full time position as a hospital chaplain in a newly created role of evening chaplain. This spoke to my sweet spot. I have always enjoyed being a change agent and/or the first person to hold a particular job. That is the common theme of all the ministries I engaged in from 1971 – 2000. I had a problem, though. The chaplain position required four units of CPE. It didn’t matter that I have two earned doctorates and have done the work of a hospital chaplain as a volunteer on a regular basis for twenty plus years. I confess I whined and I pouted and then I got real. I agreed to an educational contract – I began the job with the understanding that I would complete three additional units of Clinical Pastoral Education by December 2016. I am underway and by the end of December 2015, I will add one unit to the one I received in 1973.

My point? In addition to helping individuals write their book(s), Write Choice Services also generates high quality resumes. Of late, I have heard a lot of folks say, “No one who is over fifty stands a chance of getting a job.” I am sixty-six and I got a new job that is a dream job for me.

I tell people that they are absolutely correct about people over fifty not getting hired – if that is what they believe. Such individuals carry a less than positive attitude in their voices and demeanor when they are interviewed, assuming they even get an interview after an initial phone contact. Their belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I speak not only from my personal experience in the job search but also as a resume writer. Documents we have generated for job seekers over fifty years in age have helped those individuals get interviews and subsequently get hired. They believed in themselves, in their skill set and in the rich likelihood of being able to get a job.

You may have to go back to school. You may have to get another credential. You do what you have to do and want to do to get that job. You are very employable even if you are over sixty years old. Your attitude toward the search process, your beliefs about yourself and your willingness to do what it takes impact your likelihood of success.

Sometimes you have to engage in a little bit of “self makeover.”

Stephanie Trager, this issue’s guest columnist, shares with us her perspective on personal change. I think her words will speak powerfully to many.

Remember, Write Choice Services works with individuals to write the book they have always dreamed of writing. Write Choice Services also generates amazing, high quality resumes to help leverage your job search. Call us at 678-464-6702 or email us today so we can help you get started on that next portion of your life adventure.

Soul Success

By Stephanie Trager, Esq.


Tools for success are available at a far lower premium than decades ago. Anyone can succeed. Still only 5% of the population will actually do what makes 5% of the population a top performer.

A year and a half ago I began writing a book Soul Success: Success From the Inside Out. It’s still unfolding as I evolve and the definition of Soul Success further comes into being.

My journey toward self-awareness has been one of unusual adventure. In each twist off the beaten path I evolved 10 lifetimes! And this, my friends, gives me authority on the topic of success and the soul. Plus it’s my purpose.

I’m a lawyer so I’m going to deliver this ‘argument for Soul Success’ in a practical way. Let me introduce you to I.R.A.C – the lawyers' formula to prove a point – Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion.

*Note: Soul in this context is completely secular.

Issue: We are not just people with jobs and careers, families and physiques here to do our best. We have access to a greater resource so profound waiting to assist us in unlocking our full potential. We are Souls having a physical experience to actualize our full potential – each with a unique purpose.

Rule: We have laws as a society – paradigms – including what we know and what we know we don’t know. And then we have the Universal Law – something bigger and unseen. It’s the unknown unknown and we live under its rules no matter what. One of these rules is that you have a Soul and it has an agenda for you in this lifetime.

Analysis: Most people are unaware of how the Universal Laws work – putting them at a severe disadvantage. When you know and understand that you have access to superpowers ready to assist you at all times, you remove self-doubt, trust risk, have faith, and access unlimited faculties currently lying dormant in most people. I call this competitive advantage.

I’m not saying life will be perfect by your definition. Our definition of perfect is based on our understanding of how the world works from a limited perspective.

For seven of my years practicing law, I was out of alignment with my purpose. Year after year, from the moment I knew it was time to change that point of ‘desire,’ I suffered one injury, illness and calamity after the other. I knew it was my higher self and Universal Law showing me I had to make a decision and move on. I knew then and know now things were happening for me, NOT to me. I didn’t listen.

There came a point where something bigger (Soul) than my conscious mind was going to get my attention no matter what. When we need to make a change and we don’t, something will get our attention. Our health and the physical state of our body is the number one indicator that something needs to change.

Finally I suffered from a head injury that changed my life. It happened for me. Soul Success is about listening and hearing signs from our Souls – gut instinct – intuition, whatever you call it. There is something outside of your conscious mind co-creating with you at all times.

Soul Success happens when you come into alignment and cohabitate with this energy. It’s like having your own navigation system. You have to be tuned in sufficiently to hear and heed the messages. Here you have access to more power, more intelligence and more guidance.

It is in self-knowledge we learn and take responsibility for how we are influencing our outcomes in every way.

Some do have an easier shot. Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers talks about success from a realistic perspective. It’s not only our personal mindset and aptitude that set us up for success, it is our culture, where and when we were born and real environmental factors that contribute to the shot we get in life.

Through Soul Success we are not only people in our circumstance with our mindset and opportunities. We are Soul embodied in human form. Our personalities have access to this whole other invisible enigma and we’ve hardly explored – from a practical standpoint (not religious) – what this means in terms of our self-expression, self-actualization and physical performance. It means being able to engineer our outcomes and influence the circumstances in our lives.

Conclusion: Know yourself. Self-knowledge and connection to the higher part of yourself will allow you to tap into your highest potential and unleash powers and resources you didn’t know you had. The world will be a better place because as each individual evolves, the collective evolves.

We are always influencing our outcomes, whether positively, negatively or neutrally. The more one is connected to themselves, their inner voice, intuition, source, and inner power, the more easily they connect to energies outside of themselves.

The conscious decision to achieve Soul Success may start with assessing how you are influencing your outcomes and owning your power to change them. Titans, Icons and truly heroic figures may be the Outliers who were set up for success by way of their circumstances, yet you too and everyone has this shot no matter where you are. You are a Soul and you are here, you get to actualize your full potential in this lifetime if you decide.

I’ve created a wonderful tool to help you assess how you score when it comes to influence. Your Influence Factor Self-Assessment Quiz.

Stephanie Trager, Esq.
CEO of Intentional Paradigms LLC
Coaching & Counseling
Career/ Business/ Success/ Life!
For Lawyers, Leaders & Entrepreneurs
Personal Power Activator
Intuitive Business Strategist
Women's Leadership Coach

As a once practicing Attorney, Stephanie now serves as a trusted advisor and intuitive business strategist through her Coaching & Consulting practice. Dubbed “The Success Shaman,” she specializes in helping Lawyers, Leaders & Entrepreneurs connect to their inner power, leverage their gifts and position their talent for more income, influence and purpose in their lives. Stephanie is also an expert at helping ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners design creative ways to deliver their expertise and challenge the status quo while powerfully positioning themselves as leaders in their market.

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