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October 2015

Don't Die with Your Story Still Inside

From the Pen of Dr. Tim Morrison, President and Writing Coach of Write Choice Services, Inc.

Dan Poynter, self publishing expert and author of over 100 books, stated, “I don’t want people to die with a book still inside of them.” I share Dan’s sentiment. The book inside many individuals is not necessarily intended for a wide audience. The market could simply be one’s family but that is an important market – writing of traditions, the ‘secret’ history or ‘real’ history within a family that might be lost if someone doesn’t write it down. 

Among my current writing clients, one has completed a manuscript dealing with the power of a single word carefully chosen to change one’s life. Two clients have each developed unique perspectives on long standing theories and suppositions. Each has studied information that others have studied as well, but these two gentlemen have seen things others have not. Each has seen patterns or exceptions to rules that have escaped the eyes and minds of the public. Now they write with great enthusiasm and complexity their individual new take on long held theories. Two clients have asked me to edit, review and critique their novels – a first book for each one.

These five individuals have stories or perspectives to share and they have begun that sharing process. They believe in themselves. They believe others will benefit from what they write. And those five emerging writers are right: each has something to share and, seriously, in some fashion the world will be the better for their sharing.

I met Corey Miner Smith probably five years ago when my wife and I traveled to Akron to visit family. Corey and I had connected through the Write Choice Services website. We agreed to meet while I was in Akron. I still recall her determination for wanting to write and publish a book. She has ideas to share that she knows will help others. I delighted in her enthusiasm and intention.

Corey did write her manuscript. I edited parts of it. I saw Corey grow in her writing skills. Her words held my interest. Corey is our guest columnist this issue. In her column you will learn what happened with her manuscript. I continue in awe of her dogged determination.

What is the book that churns inside you and wants to be written down? What knowledge should you be sharing with others as a way to have ongoing impact on the world? Contact us and let us help you get started on your writing journey. We can help you gain clarity. Shoot an email to Write Choice Services right now.

Getting Out of My Own Way

By Corey Minor Smith


I'll do it tomorrow...The next day, I'll do it tomorrow...The next day, I'll do it tomorrow. Time and time again, I tell myself, I'll do it tomorrow as I take a shower and fall exhausted in my bed. I struggle to fall asleep for at least an hour and a half as my mind juggles a thousand thoughts of what I forgot to do that day and what I have to do the next day. Often, I think about how to organize my time to get the most things possible completed. It is as if I have an in-exhaustive list of "things to do."

Above all, I want to get my manuscript published. The thought of writing a book has been with me since I was 16. In 2012, I finally committed time to get my story written and developed a focus group to review the manuscript. Members of the group signed confidentiality agreements and were to have their suggestions for revisions to me by the end of February, 2013.

At that point in my life I wanted more for my career, more than being “just an attorney.” I struggled to fall asleep and to stay asleep each night. Each day at work, I felt exhausted. After weeks of not sleeping well, I decided to investigate what it would take to pursue another career goal. In addition to being an attorney, I had goals of being an author, professional speaker and a court room judge.

On February 5, 2013, I inquired about local judgeship terms in an effort to organize next steps for my career. After making inquiries and accumulating information, I decided to run for Judge of Canton (Ohio) Municipal Court. But I faced an immediate challenge: the filing deadline for the election was the next day, February 6, 2013.

My mind began to race with thoughts, yet my body froze with anxiety...You say you wanna be a Judge one day...It's here right now. What are you gonna do? You said you want it. What are you gonna do? I had less than 24 hours to make a decision. I gathered myself, shook off any remaining anxiety and went to the Board of Elections to pull a petition. Ninety-nine signatures later and with an hour to spare, I filed my petition as the first African American female candidate for Judge of the Canton Municipal Court.

After a whirlwind of events, fairs, parades, dinners and programs, I received one-third of the votes in the general election against a twenty year incumbent. After the election, I just wanted to breathe. I wanted to take a moment to "smell the roses" as many people have suggested that I do throughout my school and legal career. I was and still am elated at the opportunity I dared to take.

Meanwhile, my manuscript complete with revisions based on the suggestions of the focus group (which they finally submitted to me) continues to sit on the top shelf of my closet collecting dust. Children, demanding school/work obligations and life in general have controlled my life since I was a young adult. Time rolls by with the hour, minute and second hands rapidly circling the clock as the seasons change in fast forward. It seem like I've forgotten about my manuscript.  

Although I've been to speaking workshops, seminars and presentations and I've even presented nationally and internationally, my manuscript still sits on the shelf. Two years have come and nearly gone. The desire to publish my manuscript slowly diminishes to just a thought. And then I got this nudge: would you be a guest columnist for our newsletter? I accepted the offer. I wrote. Now, it is time to get out of my own way, grab the manuscript that has sat too long on the top shelf of my closet, wipe the dust off and get the manuscript published.



Corey Minor Smith earned her Bachelors and Masters from Bowling Green State University followed by a Juris Doctorate from the University of Toledo College of Law. Currently serving as Director of Legal Services for Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority, Corey is an active board member of the Stark Community Action Agency and the Red Cross. Honored for her accomplishments and commitment to the community, Corey received the Boy Scouts Spirit of Scouting award, Stark County’s Twenty Under 40 and ATHENA International Leadership Finalist Award. This proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. is a sought-after speaker after presenting nationally and internationally.

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