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Books by Tim Morrison

Writing Secrets: Essential Steps to Discover How to Start    $12.95

This book shares a client-tested, proven process to help writers establish a foundation to be truly ready to write their book. Learn how to create a solid foundation for writing. Gain insight to help you write with confidence. Discover: how to overcome barriers that virtually all writers face...

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Basic Writing Tips for Emerging Writers    $9.95

A Manual to Help You Focus and to Improve Your Writing from the Start

Basic Writing Tips for Emerging Writers is designed to help you:

1. Focus on a topic

2. Understand the importnace of defining your audience...

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Write a Book - Change the World    $15.95

Interviews with Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals Who Have

"Write a Book - Change the World" presents reflections and insights from 20 business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals, each of whom wrote a book. You will enter into the stories of their individual journeys...

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The Magical Influence of Listening    $15.95

The powerful influence of listening—verbal, nonverbal, and intuitive—is crucial in work, play, relationships, and even health.

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